Fire Category

Nominal fire category is 7 but operators are encouraged to contact us before operating flights in order to get the existing category level

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
MaldivianQ211225 March 20190125MLE/GKK/GANDH82Landed at 0133
MaldivianQ210025 March 20190810MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
SrilankanUL11925 March 20190820CMB/GANA3201As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210225 March 20191310MLE/FVM/GANDH82As Scheduled
FlymeVP66025 March 20191510MLE/FVM/GANATR2As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210425 March 20191605MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ2611825 March 20191630MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210625 March 20191905MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled
FlymeVP63025 March 20192100MLE/GANATR2As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Destination Aircraft Desk Status
MaldivianQ211325 March 20190510GAN/GKK/MLEDH85Departed at 0507
MaldivianQ210025 March 20190830GAN/KDM/MLEDH85Check-in Open
SrilankanUL12025 March 20190905GAN/CMBDH84-5As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210225 March 20191330GAN/MLEATR5As Scheduled
FlymeVP66125 March 20191540GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210525 March 20191625GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ2611925 March 20191650GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210725 March 20191925GAN/MLEDH85As Scheduled
FlymeVP63125 March 20192100GAN/MLEDH95As Scheduled