Embrace spacious, lavish rooms and featuring stunning panoramic views, pristine beaches, luxury rooms and a host of modern amenities at the five star resort in the Vilingili Island of Addu City.

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
Maldivian Q211225 June 20220105MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0107
Maldivian Q210025 June 20220800MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0744
MantaNR90025 June 20221225MLE/GANATR2Landed at 1219
SrilankaUL11925 June 20221305CMB/GANDH82Landed at 1336
Maldivian Q210225 June 20221425MLE/KDO/GANDH82As Scheduled
Maldivian Q210525 June 20221755MLE/GANA3212As Scheduled
Maldivian Q2210625 June 20222100MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Desk Status
Maldivian Q211325 June 20220430GAN/KDM/GKK/MLEDH84-5Departed at 0431
Maldivian Q210025 June 20220830GAN/GKK/MLEDH84-5Departed at 0816
MantaNR90125 June 20221445GAN/MLEATR2-3Check-in Open
SrilankaUL12025 June 20221440GAN/CMBDH83-6Check-in Open
Maldivian Q210225 June 20221445GAN/MLEDH84-5As Scheduled
Maldivian Q210425 June 20221855GAN/MLEA3214-5As Scheduled
Maldivian Q2210725 June 20222200GAN/MLEDH84-5As Scheduled