Gan International Airport has undergone an infrastructure upgrade during years 2012-2016 in which the former code 4D runway has been upgraded to 4E with major construction projects that included runway extension, resurfacing of old runway, building shoulders around the old and extended runway.

Please refer Maldives AIP Part 3 AD2 Aerodromes, VRMG - Gan International Airport for in depth details of available infrastucrure and facilities

Operators are encouraged to make note of changes to infrastructure by checking most updated NOTAMs that are available from MACL website

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
Maldivian Q211225 June 20220105MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0107
Maldivian Q210025 June 20220800MLE/GANDH82Landed at 0744
MantaNR90025 June 20221225MLE/GANATR2Landed at 1219
SrilankaUL11925 June 20221305CMB/GANDH82Landed at 1336
Maldivian Q210225 June 20221425MLE/KDO/GANDH82As Scheduled
Maldivian Q210525 June 20221755MLE/GANA3212As Scheduled
Maldivian Q2210625 June 20222100MLE/GANDH82As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Desk Status
Maldivian Q211325 June 20220430GAN/KDM/GKK/MLEDH84-5Departed at 0431
Maldivian Q210025 June 20220830GAN/GKK/MLEDH84-5Departed at 0816
MantaNR90125 June 20221445GAN/MLEATR2-3Check-in Open
SrilankaUL12025 June 20221440GAN/CMBDH83-6Check-in Open
Maldivian Q210225 June 20221445GAN/MLEDH84-5As Scheduled
Maldivian Q210425 June 20221855GAN/MLEA3214-5As Scheduled
Maldivian Q2210725 June 20222200GAN/MLEDH84-5As Scheduled