Jet A1

Jet A1 is available and current price can be downloaded from our downloads.

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Flight Schedule


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Belt Status
MaldivianQ211216 July 20240145MLE/GKK/GANATR1Landed at 0111
SrilankanUL11916 July 20241340CMB/GANA3201As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210616 July 20241340MLE/GANATR2As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210616 July 20241820MLE/GANATR1As Scheduled


Airline Flight Date Time Origin Aircraft Desk Status
MaldivianQ211316 July 20240430GAN/KDM/MLEATR4-5Departed at 0428
SrilankanUL12016 July 20241440GAN/CMBA3204-6As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210716 July 20241420GAN/MLEATR2-3As Scheduled
MaldivianQ210716 July 20241900GAN/MLEATR4-5As Scheduled